Zenbu 1.5.0 released!

It's been more or less a month since the last release of Zenbu, and boy have I been busy adding new features!

I'll let the changelog speak for itself since there are too many new features to discuss here. One interesting feature for developers is my Zenbu fieldtype framework, which enables custom field developers to add support for their add-on in Zenbu by adding a few Zenbu-specific functions to their ft.fieldtype.php file. Previously, developers could put the same content in the zenbu/fieldtypes folder in a file named after their fieldtype name stored in the database, but this new version brings this one step further. I hope to write extensive documentation on this soon.

That way, if a certain fieldtype isn't supported, users have the extra option of asking the fieldtype developer for Zenbu support. Of course, I'm also open to projects to add support for a certain fieldtype.