My tech is rebelling!

Just got back from Japan and getting ready to go to New York for the ExpressionEngine-CodeIgniter conference, but I wouldn't go to a tech conference without making sure my tools aren't working, right?

For some reason, though, my tech seems to be turning against me. I must have wasted a total of a day with the following problems:

  • My Android smartphone constantly goes into "car mode", which launches on its own for no reason. This started while I was in Japan, but it bothers me more now that I need to use the phone. Apparently this has something to do with a possible faulty USB connection, but this happens even when the phone isn't plugged in!
    Since I have no time to send my phone for repairs, especially that I might need to use the phone in NY, I just deleted the Car Mode app, which seems to have worked. Thanks, Titanium!
  • My MacBook doesn't want to play nice with my external monitor. I like to keep my laptop closed and plug it to an external, bigger monitor. This worked well in Snow Leopard, but since I updated to Mac OSX Lion, my MacBook has a hard time understanding that my laptop screen is closed and to only use my monitor. Both stay on, or stay off, with my main monitor flickering on/off for a while, and my laptop screen remaining possibly on, but I wouldn't know without opening the lid, which in that case I'm sure it is on. Sigh
    Possibly remedied this by resetting the PRAM on the MacBook (at launch, press Command+Option+p+r)
  • My MacBook wouldn't recognize "Find my Mac" once I updated to 10.7.2. I was asked to use System Update to update the Lion Recovery Software, which wasn't showing up in System Update, of course.
    Remedied that by manually downloading the Lion Recovery Tool (after a few failed attempts, guess it's a popular file).
  • My iPad update to iOS 5 hit a speed bump when iTunes was telling me my model wasn't compatible. An iPad 2... really?
    Remedied that by commenting out a line in /etc/hosts. Still, the update itself took quite a while as well!

In the grand scheme of things, no big deal, really smile However, these issues are still a bit stressful before getting ready for a big conference, while fighting jet lag ("I'm not sleepy, let's repair this... it's 3 AM now. I'll never get over this jet lag!").

I should be able to hold while I'm out in the states though. Maybe everything will be back to normal in a few days!