Moving to Disqus commenting system

After upgrading my installation to EE 2.4, which was for the most part fairly painless, I decided to move the comments to Disqus. This service includes commenting moderation and sharing tools (to Facebook, Twitter, etc), which should cover more than what is available through the native EE commenting system.

I have been using Low Spam to get rid of unwanted comments, but there were still a few that would slip through the cracks and get published. You know, those meaningless comments that contribute nothing and ago along the lines of:

  • "I think it's great that you're using X. Thanks."
  • "You're absolutely right about that. I totally agree", or
  • "Great post, thanks for the post. It's an amazing post. My life was without meaning until I read your post. I can't imagine my life before I read this truly amazing and inspiring post. If there's one thing everyone should do before they die, it's to read your amazing post".

Some of those comments were so borderline spammy that I didn't know what to do with them. Besides, the native EE Comment Module is pretty limited when sifting through hundreds of closed/pending/open comments (and requires sniper-like accuracy to click that tiny arrow to see the full comment) that I needed something more robust. Hopefully Disqus is the answer smile