This site, now fueled with ExpressionEngine 2

It's done, the site has been upgraded and is now running using ExpressionEngine 2. The upgrade went very well, aside from a few minor hiccups (note: upgrade goes better if you don't leave the "save templates as files" option on in EE 1.6.x). You may have noticed a few more changes on the site as well.

Site redesign

I guess my green phase is over. The initial design was put together very quickly to be able to officially hold my EE addons and have a place to blog. I decided to go "purple" this time, and hope to tweak the design more in the coming weeks.

Latest tweets on front page

I decided to add twitter to the mix, as I often do not have enough to write for a full blog article, but still like to communicate some of my thoughts. Besides, I use twitter a bit more frequently than the site.

Projects page

I added a simple page for projects I have worked on in the past. This section is not very refined yet, but hope to improve it soon.

EE2 addons

Right now, only the Google Analytics plugin has been updated to EE2, thanks to another EE developer, Matthieu Fauveau. I intend to convert the other addons over time. Since I do not know how many people out there actually use my addons, if you would like to see a specific addon updated to EE2 more quickly, please let me know and I'll try to speed things up.

I will also have to review which addons actually need to be updated, as some of them may be obsolete for EE2.

NB show custom field data

I have an updated version of the currently 1.6.x-only addon NB show custom field data (v1.0) which I would like to make public soon, under a possible new name. The extension should answer a number of requests I received based on the current official version, and contain a few more goodies. I would like to offer this addon as donationware for the time being, as I don't know how popular the addon is, and would like more people to try it out first. The idea is that you make a donation, and I will send you the extension (one donation = one single-site license). If this addon is popular enough, hopefully that will mean further improvements and even EE2 compatibility!

I sure have a lot of little things I want to add/improve on the site, but hope to push these incrementally. A bit like Google with their frequent and tiny additions to their web apps.