Thank you for your support: Zenbu sales to help Japan

As mentioned on EE Insider, Devot:ee and, last week's sales of Zenbu all (100%) go to the Japanese Red Cross towards helping Japan get back on its feet after the devastating earthquake and tsunami of March 11th. I was in Tokyo when the earthquake hit, and although it was the biggest earthquake I experienced in Japan (or anywhere else), damage was minimal compared to the Tohoku area. Many here felt, however, that something had to be done to help those less fortunate in the North.

Thanks to license purchasers' help, and after adding some of my personal money on top of the Zenbu sales, 40000 yen (approx. 495 $ US) were sent to the Japanese Red Cross through Google.
This should provide food, warm clothing, and support to the earthquake/tsunami victims.

Again, an enormous ありがとう ("arigato") and much bowing thanking you for your help, kindness and generosity.