Taking on the seven-patty Whopper

Oh boy, what a feast! Along with the Windows 7 launch, for which I'm psyched just for Internet Explorer 8 and the hopefully hastened death of IE6, Burger King in Japan was offering a seven-patty Whopper. The first 140 visitors or so could get the whopper for 777 yen (about 7 bucks), but since I got there late, I dished out the full 1420 yen. Worth it though, being my birthday and a rare chance to see this marvel, if ever see such a sandwich again. Also... what a challenge! The Whopper tasted like you would expect: pure meat, with a touch of condiment flavor if you bit the top or bottom of the burger. Since this gargantuan sandwich was higher than my maximum buccal aperture size, I opted for the bite-the-top, bite-the-bottom approach. Needless to say the meal was quite a messy one. As pumped as I was to conquer this monster-sized burger, three-quarters down I had to concede defeat. I wrapped up the remaining patties, which I will probably use in macaroni and cheese or something.