Ongoing work on my ExpressionEngine addons

Progress on my NB Show custom field data extension for ExpressionEngine is going well. More detailed conversation about the piece can be found at the EE forums. Right now, work-in-progress options are the no-longer-need to specify the file upload directory when the custom field is set to the "File" display type, and control over the FF Matrix table headers. The bigger and requested option, which I have yet to tackle, is giving the choice of a downloadable file or thumbnail image for the File display type. The nGen fiel field, however, can be used to upload all sorts of files, from images, to text files, to PDFs. I will have to find a way to differentiate file types and be selective for image files. Pretty hard and pointless to make a thumbnail of a CSV file, right? wink The other question is: create thumbnails or just shrink the image by simply setting width and height? The first option means small thumbnail files would have to be created somewhere on the server. Shrinking images, however, leave no thumbnail images lying around, but images take time to load for big files (a 2000 pixel-wide image, for example, is still a heavy 2000 pixel-wide image). I'll have to look at how the other thumbnail-displaying extensions handle this, as I haven't had the chance to try those much. I might just go for setting width/height for images, though, unless I have some incentive to spend time and work on a thumbnail-creating system smile