New site features

I have been making a few changes to the website, in an attempt to constantly improve its experience. I first lightened up the main gray area since it was giving out too much "gloomy rainy day" vibes to my liking. I also made subtle changes to proportions by making the site follow more closely the 960 Grid system. If by any chance you haven't been using this grid in your designs, it's a good read and not too difficult to implement in projects.

The contact sheets are now easier to reach from the top or bottom of each page if you have javascript turned on. No worries, there is a fallback page for those who have javascript turned off.

The site is also available in Japanese (やった!). Language is controlled from a country code right after the domain name, and entry languages are controlled from a custom field for choosing the language I will be writing in. This is one way to build non-parallel multilingual sites, where entry content in each language might be different instead of being simple translations of each other.

I have been working on some new addons for EE2, which I think might come in very handy. I'm actually using them on this site.