Addons and ExpressionEngine 2.0 “something”

ExpressionEngine 2.0 PB, formerly "Beta", formerly "Release candidate", now "Public Beta" (or was that Peanut Butter? maybe later), has been out for about a week now. A lot of developers are annoucing roadmaps, and I should probably do something similar... eventually.

Based on the developer's documentation, porting my plugins to 2.0 should not be too difficult. I hope to update those soon enough, although there doesn't seem to be any rush to do so right at this moment. The NB Show custom field data extension will be an interesting challenge, and I think this extension can come in handy in 2.0 as well as 1.x.

So, no roadmap for now, but I hope to move the addons to 2.0 in the future (I use a number of them here myself). Just a heads up.