2013: My year in review

Since I've done this in the last two years, why not try to write for this year. Here goes.

Honestly, I'm trying to put the pieces of 2013 in chronological order, but I'm having trouble. Another one of those "it was a blur" kind of year.


  • Spend my first wedding anniversary with Yukiko in Japan. Remember, Yukiko was in Japan since November 2012 for a tooth ache, visiting parents, and for the holidays. Couldn't really spend our first anniversary apart, so I went over there. ^_^
  • Upon our return to Canada, Yukiko finally enters Canada as a permanent resident. Mission accomplished!


  • A very difficult period on the personal side of things for me and Yukiko. Without going in details, lots of lost time and money, needles, medicine, disappointment, frustration, and anger. Most of this period was reclusive and spent with a minimal as possible exposure to the outside world. We rather focused on ourselves and work. Looking back and reading about it, I realize it was absolutely natural to feel and act this way. Those who can't understand, well, too bad. On a positive note, I think it made our couple stronger than ever, as is often the case when going through challenges.
  • Thanks to some of the above though (thought it was the acupuncture when in fact it was the lifestyle change that did it), I also won my battle with my frequent stomach acid problem early in the year.


  • Fantasia 2013! Instead of going to the bi-weekly fireworks festival, we decided to spend 2-3 weeks on the Asian/SF/Horror/Fantasy film festival. I reviewed the Fantasia Festival movies I watched earlier this year. 14 great movies, and a memorable experience. Will likely go again next year if I can. This might be my new "summer" thing to do.
  • Otakuthon 2013! Yukiko likes anime, I like anime, but we haven't really watched much anime since the beginning of 2013. So we decided to see what is happening in the otaku community in Montreal, and we were impressed. It's well and alive. Although we weren't familiar with much of the more recent stuff in manga and anime, we had a great time. A possible visit again in 2014. No cosplaying though. ^_^;
  • Somewhere in the summer, and especially somehow, Tokyo won the bid for the 2020 olympics. Yukiko and I facepalm knowing how bad an idea it is to have the olympics in a country crushed by debt and with a nuclear disaster on their hands that won't be cleaned up in time. We're still not sure if there even will be any 2020 olympics in Tokyo. We're not really planning on going.


  • Binge anime watching! Almost a nightly thing, we went to quite a few anime series, starting with our Otakuthon discovery, Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). Simply an amazing series.
  • Yukiko and I made a number of friends in the Japanese community in Montreal (including JET alumni). 
  • Yukiko starts taking French lessons. Very challenging, but it's good for her, and she's making great progress!
  • I started taking Japanese lessons. I missed a bunch of lessons and felt bad for it, but going to Japan in November is obviously good immersion.
  • November: Went to Japan for two weeks. Was mostly sick during the whole time. Worked a lot more than I thought.

Other notes:

  • Although I haven't added up all totals, 2013 was a good year for Zenbu Studio. Overall things went smoothly, and I close the year with three product update releases I feel are very stable. Hoping things pick up even more in 2014.
  • My worries about Japan's direction in 2012 are still present in 2013. In fact, I'm even more worried about how this world is changing. Hopefully it's just me getting old talking.
  • Without a doubt I think 2014 will be a challenging year. Whether in a positivie or negative way is hard to tell at this time, obviously.