How people feel when we speak geek talk

Here's a good reminder for geeks of all trades not to sound too boring when talking about geeky subjects wink (in Japanese, quick explanation follows):

This commercial is for the Japan Registry Services, a group promoting the .jp domain among other activities. The video starts simply, with two men on a bus, one of which asks his buddy what his company (JPRS) does. The JPRS guy starts explaining what the .jp domain is, how domains work, etc, which puts his friend instantly asleep of boredom. Whereever the JPRS guy goes while talking about servers and domains, people around him drop dead asleep, including someone JPRS guy is talking with on the phone.

At this moment JPRS guy is approached by an older man, who has an important request. His master hasn't been able to fall asleep for the last three years. Once in the bedroom and blocking his ears, the older man implores JPRS guy to talk about .jp domains, which puts the master, and later the whole room, sound asleep.

I found this absolutely hilarious. The scariest part is that I didn't fall asleep myself!

(Warning: As with anything Japan- and Youtube-related and interesting, the video may become unavailable for some stupid reason).