EE add-ons moving to a new home: Zenbu Studio and NEW ADD-ON

I present you the next chapter in the natural evolution of my services and add-ons: Zenbu Studio, a new home for the Zenbu module and friends.

Zenbu Studio

I've been hosting my add-ons and documentation on for what... three years now? But now that some of them have grown up it's time to move forward and give them a proper home, and make a more personal site. I guess you could say the kids are out of the house. ^_-

The Zenbu Studio website is now the place to consult the userguides and developer documentation for Zenbu et al, but that's not all: you can now purchase my add-ons directly from Zenbu Studio.

By buying on Zenbu Studio, you benefit from

  • Beta/Nightly versions of my add-ons when available. If something's fixed, why need to wait for the next official release? Enjoy the liberty of testing out fixes and new features early.
  • Add-on bundles (coming soon): Get add-ons that work together on the Zenbu platform in one package... and even at a discounted price.
  • Coupons: When available, coupons will be announced on Twitter. By the way, I suggest READING ON. smile
  • Access to the latest releases by Zenbu Studio: I baked a new add-on? Get it first on Zenbu Studio. Again, please READ ON wink

The documentation will still be around on for a little longer, but I plan to phase these pages out in the next days/weeks.

Zenbu Studio has been built using the Stash template partials technique, SASS and Compass, Font-Awesome, Foundation... and did I mention it's responsive? (*gasp!*)

Want to export Zenbu data? Hokoku is for you. [New Add-On]

I'm releasing a new add-on: Hokoku, an export and reporting module for Zenbu. Want to get the data you're viewing with Zenbu in a CSV, HTML, or JSON file? Want to create quick reports of entries filtered by the flexible fitlering rules provided by Zenbu? Hokoku (which means "report" in Japanese) is for you: it attaches to Zenbu to display an "Export this search" button within the Zenbu module, enabling you to export data with a simple push of a button using custom export profiles. Of course, you need a copy of Zenbu for this to do anything.

Read more about Hokoku - the export/report module for Zenbu.

Promo codes! Who wants their promo cooooodes!

Yet another announcement! Until November 30th 2012, get 25% off your purchase of Hokoku on Zenbu Studio by applying the coupon HOKOKU25.

Tiny price increase for Zenbu

I say tiny because it's 5 cents. Zenbu on Devot:ee is now sold at a round 40$ (up from the previous 39.95$). 


What are you waiting for? Visit the brand new Zenbu Studio!

(...and feel free to come back here from time to time to read my "me" stuff)