2012: Personal review of the year

Perhaps a tradition now? ^^; Here's a quick round up of some of my highlights for 2012


  • On January 7th, 2012, I married my beautiful wife, Yukiko Hashizume in Canada. For sure the highlight of 2012 for me smile
  • Don't remember much beyond that. We happily lived together in Longueuil in our appartment. The rest was mostly work and paperwork.


  • In mid-March, Yukiko and I fly off to Japan for our wedding celebration. We use that opportunity to take beautiful, professional  pictures of ourselves in traditional Japanese clothing.
  • April 5: I present EE in Ginza's Apple Store through the SwapSkills series, which cover a number of talks about subjects relevant to the web. Lots of fun, would do it again anytime. Interest in EE is there, just need to get some kind of guide book translated/published one day ^
  • On April 22nd, we have our wedding celebration with nearly 100 guests, mostly Yukiko's family and our friends. Parents join the fun through Skype. Second party followed in an izakaya, followed by karaoke in another establishment for the third party.


  • Returned to Canada early May with Yukiko.
  • This period was a bit of a blur, but mostly consisted of work, work, work, and lots of paperwork.
  • Mid/End of May: finally manage, after weeks/months of preparation, to get all the paperwork together to send to Immigration for Yukiko. The wait begins.
  • Driving around for doctor, hospital and clinic visits more times that I can remember. An expensive endeavour and on some occasions, a total time waster (the love for my University has no bounds). This was for a number of reasons, but calling it the Baby Mania period sums it up nicely.
  • Mid-July: Noriyuki and Nako, an absolutely wonderful couple that took care of me throughout the years while I was in Japan, visit Montreal! They meet my parents, and we travel here and there, namely the Eastern Townships. A truly great time.
  • Mid-August: Other happy visit: Yukiko's parents visit Canada for only 8 days! Drove down to Toronto to pick them up, visited the city and Niagara Falls. Then back to Montreal to visit my parents, the Montreal area and go to an OSM concert. A compact but busy visit. Drove them back to Toronto, then drove back to Montreal the same day. Will likely never ever do this again. However, I discover Monster energy drinks during this long drive. 


  • More work, paperwork and doctor visits.


  • More work, paperwork and doctor visits.
  • Doctor visits take the back seat as my wife starts having intense tooth pain. Begins a new set of visits, to dentists this time, with one particualr day where we visited 4-5 clinics. Expensive bills, unclear explanations, and being sent from specialist to specialist. After some calculation, we decide that Yukiko should just go back to Japan to be treated there for the same price (including plane ticket), but a fraction of the time. Also, she gets to deal with ONE dentist, not 100 specialists. Besides, her visa was about to expire and we didn't have any news from Immigration yet. ><


  • Early November: Yukiko leaves for Japan. Sad :(
  • My days consist of mostly work, with a few friend and family visits. But mostly just work and coffee.
  • December: Yukiko gets her Immigration acceptance papers! We did it! Actually difficult to believe at first (no, there must be some paperwork we still have to do... This can't be the final document...).
  • Mid-December: Launched Zenbu Studio, a new home for selling my EE add-ons and hosting their documentation. eCom is fun smile
  • Christmas with family (yay!), but away from my wife (boo!). Left for Japan on December 27th, and here I am typing this post.

Other notes:

  • Dec 16: Japan elections. Results beyond comprehension. Disappointment ensues as I see the problems of my "second home", which I hold dear, not going away for a looong time, if ever. 
  • A general sense that things are going in the wrong direction in the world, but hopeful that things are not that bad for 2013. Maybe I'm just getting old wink
  • Business-wise, this was a good year. Also my first complete year since returning to Canada. Very satisfied with the results. Here's to hoping this continues in 2013.