Hello, Bonjour, and ようこそ。

I'm a web designer, developer and project manager fluent in XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL and many other acronyms. Welcome to my space on the web.

Although I'm comfortable with blogging/content management systems (CMS) such as Drupal and Wordpress, my preferred choice is ExpressionEngine, with which I build quality sites and add-ons.


@CS_sean Yeah, but you’re better at this “button stuff”.

Google acquired Waze. Whew, thank goodness! I heard Facebook was aiming for it.

@jimwyse People in Japan still do. I know.

If I were to receive 1-2 faxes/month, what is the cheapest service I could use? Suggestions? Free would be ideal, we’re talking FAXES here!

@CS_sean Guess if I’m going to get screwed either way, better stay with what I have. I kinda miss my small ISP, tho. Giving Bell more time.

Think I’m starting to regret going with Bell for internet. Getting the occasional drop in signal, like in the ol’ Sympatico days.

@CS_sean Derp! Looks like I’d need to convert this to EE2 first. >_<;

This is super old, but might be handy: http://t.co/HfZygYwosl #eecms

@CS_sean You’d be ready to develop in Japan!

@devdemon Thanks. Sounds complicated/time consuming, but good job! :)

2014: My year in review


Ha! A whole year of not posting anything. There's a good reason: it was a busy year. In my 2013 review I mentioned how challenging 2014 would be, and it was. It doesn't get easier.

One of the big highlights/challenges this year was us deciding to move back to Japan. We chose Sapporo for many reasons: Hokkaido is known for great food, it's not blisteringly hot in the summer, there's snow in...

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2013: My year in review


Since I've done this in the last two years, why not try to write for this year. Here goes.

Honestly, I'm trying to put the pieces of 2013 in chronological order, but I'm having trouble. Another one of those "it was a blur" kind of year.


  • Spend my first wedding anniversary with Yukiko in Japan. Remember, Yukiko was in Japan since November 2012 for a tooth ache, visiting...
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Mini Personal Review of iOS7


A few days ago, I caved in and installed iOS7 on my iPad 3. Since I don't use the iPad for anything mission-critical, this was my chance to try out the new OS. Since tweeting is too short, I'm noting my impressions here.

Colors & Icons

Yeah, a lot more pastel colors, although changing the backgroud can make a big difference. The space/Milky Way/star wallpaper that comes with iOS7 looks great on...

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Fantasia 2013 - Mini Movie Review


This year was my first year diving head-first into the Fantasia Festival. I've been to a few screenings in the past, but this time, I had the pleasure to view 14 of a combination of fantasy, japanese, anime, horror, sci-fi movies!

There's something different about FantasiaFest compared to a number of other movie festivals. This isn't silent movie-watching, but rather like watching a bunch of...

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2012: Personal review of the year


Perhaps a tradition now? ^^; Here's a quick round up of some of my highlights for 2012


  • On January 7th, 2012, I married my beautiful wife, Yukiko Hashizume in Canada. For sure the highlight of 2012 for me smile
  • Don't remember much beyond that. We happily lived together in Longueuil in our appartment. The rest was mostly work and paperwork.


  • In...
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EE add-ons moving to a new home: Zenbu Studio and NEW ADD-ON


I present you the next chapter in the natural evolution of my services and add-ons: Zenbu Studio, a new home for the Zenbu module and friends.

Zenbu Studio

I've been hosting my add-ons and documentation on nicolasbottari.com for what... three years now? But now that some of them have grown up it's time to move forward and give them a proper home, and make nicolasbottari.com a more personal...

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Moving to Disqus commenting system


After upgrading my installation to EE 2.4, which was for the most part fairly painless, I decided to move the comments to Disqus. This service includes commenting moderation and sharing tools (to Facebook, Twitter, etc), which should cover more than what is available through the native EE commenting system.

I have been using Low Spam to get rid of unwanted comments, but there were still a few...

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How people feel when we speak geek talk


Here's a good reminder for geeks of all trades not to sound too boring when talking about geeky subjects wink (in Japanese, quick explanation follows):

This commercial is for the Japan Registry Services, a group promoting the .jp domain among other activities. The video starts simply, with two men on a bus, one of which asks his buddy what his company (JPRS) does. The JPRS guy starts...

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